Through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), CCPB receives Market Access Program (MAP) funding to promote California cling peaches in international markets. Export market development efforts are concentrated on Canada and Mexico.

Not all Cling Peaches are Created Equal

Before you order, confirm country of origin. Ask for and specify Cling Peaches from the USA– that’s the only way to ensure you are getting California Cling Peaches. Why?

  • USDA program compliance
  • Food safety assurance throughout the supply chain
  • Quality and consistency
California Cling Peaches have Nutrition Equivalency to Fresh

Institutional packaging and Single Serve cups of California Cling peaches provide:

  • The same or better nutrition than fresh
  • Less sugar per serving of fruit than other choices
  • More nutrients for less money than fresh or frozen options
  • Long shelf life and low per-serving cost
Bring on the Sunshine!

Three ways to bring delightful California Cling Peaches to your menu

Make California Cling Peaches the bright spot of the meal

Serve as is, drained in halves, slices or pieces

Use as an ingredient

Add a splash of color and a taste of summer year-round

Peach Puree as an Ingredient Swap

Replace sugar, eggs, oil and butter with peach puree.